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Minikids (6 - 8 year olds)

Our organisation recognises that children learn at a different pace, so ITFNZ has developed a syllabus specifically designed for younger kids.  Students learn the same material as our older students, but the language is simplified and the syllabus is broken into more steps. Small gradings are held in club at the end of each term so that kids see what they are achieving. 


Students learn the fundamentals of self defence as well as concentration, co-ordination, fitness and self-discipline. There is a focus on learning through using a variety of movements.


Competitions are offered at this level but are not compulsory.

Youth Martial Arts
Kids (9 - 11 year olds)

Students work through our standard syllabus which covers all areas of Taekwon-Do including sparring, patterns, self defence, power breaking and flying techniques, theory and korean terminology. We work with our students and families to develop skills such as self control and perseverance at home and at school as well as in the dojang.

Gradings are available once or twice a year. We know that some kids learn at different paces and we focus on effort and improvement as well as passing tests.

Local and national competitions are available for students who want to test themselves against others. 

Adults martial arts
Youth/Adults (12 years +)

Our youth/adults class provides more opportunities for students to challenge themselves as they work through all aspects of Taekwon-Do.

As an adult student, don't feel put off starting Taekwon-do for the first time. You will be amazed at what you can achieve. We have adult students joining our organisation every day for the following reasons:

  • improvement in health and fitness

  • improve and maintain flexibility and movement

  • to build self confidence

  • to gain a sense of achievement

  • to learn the skills and techniques suitable for self defence

  • meet with like-minded people in a social environment


It's never too late to start learning skills to protect yourself, developing fitness, or having fun!

Events such as tournaments and seminars are available locally and nationally. Gradings are available up to three times a year. 

personal training martial arts

Tutorials are available for individuals or small groups of up to 3 students where individual and personalised teaching is provided. Working in a small group or one on one with an instructor can help with understanding or polish the skills you are learning in class.


We recommended tutorial sessions for students:

  • requiring help in learning and practising techniques to a level not covered in class

  • who want to supplement their weekly sessions with specific training


Pre-booked tutorials are 30 or 60 mins and are offered at Saturday morning classes with your choice of instructor at an additional cost.

Have questions or queries? 

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